Something for your sweetheart

Coupon Alert!

Tell them you love them!

What’s a good way to tell them you love them?

It’s that time of year!  What to get, what…to…get?

We have a great idea! How about a family pack of Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera skin cream?  Your best friend will love it!  It’s made of 100% organic aloe vera, 6 antiseptic agents that fight infection, 3 analgesics to reduce pain, 3 anti-inflammatory agents, 75 nutrients, 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids.  That’s a lot of goodness in our cream!

While you’re at it, use one of the following coupon codes to get him or her a free jar of one of our Hawaiian Moon 5 step skin rejuvenation products with the purchase of the Family Pack Special!

LUV162HMFT – Free Hawaiian Moon Facial Toner

LUV162HMFC – Free Hawaiian Moon Facial Cleanser

LUV162HMFYS – Free Hawaiian Moon Facial Youth Serum

LUV162HMEC – Free Hawaiian Moon Eye Cream

LUV162HMFYC – Free Hawaiian Moon Facial Youth Cream

Please note, only 1 coupon per order and no substitutions.  Purchase of our Hawaiian Moon Family Pack Special is required.  The coupons will expire after the first 500 uses or the end of February 2016.