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Say Goodbye To Dry Skin

Cold weather affects your skin

Caring for your skin during cold weather

Cold weather dries out the skin and makes it harder to keep it moisturized and healthy In the winter, the air is drier, which in […]

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Did you know?

Cool Aloe Vera Facts! The aloe vera plant has been around for thousands of years, with evidence of ancient Egyptians using it as part of […]

Reduce eye wrinkles

SPOTLIGHT: Hawaiian Moon Eye Cream

Have you tried our Hawaiian Moon Eye Cream yet?  If not, you’re missing out! Hawaiian Moon Eye Cream is a blend of plant-based ingredients for […]

Understanding your skin

Understanding your skin

How well do you know your skin? Here are some fun facts about our body’s largest organ!   Kudos to Visually for allowing us to […]

Yes, You Can Say Goodbye To Dry Skin

Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years as a safe, natural healer. Large amounts of historical and scientific data evidence testify to its efficacy. Science is now proving what naturalists have known throughout time: natural Aloe Vera contains six antiseptic agents that fight infection; three analgesics to reduce pain and at least three anti-inflammatory agents.

The Secret to Healthy, Radiant Skin features Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Skin & Hand Cream and is made with 100% organic aloe! Hawaiian Moon aloe vera skin & hand cream contains only genuine, 100% organic Barbadensis Miller aloe, the highest grade of aloe vera anywhere in the world. All others do not compare.  Our custom formulation is over 98% natural, over 82.5% organic, and works wonders on a variety of dry skin conditions. Whether you suffer from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cracked skin, hives, insect bites, a nasty sunburn, and more – Hawaiian Moon Aloe vera skin cream can help.

Hawaiian Moon Aloe Absorbs 7 Layers Deep Into Your Skin

Hawaiian Moon Aloe is safe, 98.5% natural, and your skin will soak it right up! It penetrates the skin 7 layers deep, to the basal cell layer, hydrating and healing all the way up. The pure, organic Aloe Vera in Hawaiian Moon Aloe dilates the capillaries to stimulate & increase circulation (thereby, carrying away toxins), which aids in repairing your skin starting from the cellular level. Few things in the world can penetrate so deep. The result…beautiful, soft, healthy skin.

Aloe Vera Fights Bad Stuff Naturally

Did you know that the Aloe Vera plant has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties? The plant is considered medicinal and has been used for management of various infections since ancient times as it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and immune-boosting properties. Don’t take our word for it, dozens of studies have come to this conclusion! Here are some additional cool facts about the wonderful Aloe Vera plant.

Hawaiian Moon – Why it’s Great for Quilters and Sewers

Many quilters and sewers have voiced their trouble with the beautiful material they work with drying out and cracking their hands.  Often the quilters hands will get neglected because they are afraid that the greasy creams will stain and damage their beautiful quilts!  Quilters worry no more!! Hawaiian Moon absorbs 7  layers deep so it does not feel greasy and will not come off on your material!!! It is also water soluble so you can use it while working on your beautiful quilts without having to worry that it wills stain your material!!  Try some Hawaiian Moon today!!

Did You Know Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Skin Cream Works Great on Pets Too?

Just like their pet owners, pets can suffer from many different skin conditions!  Help your best friend by using the Aloe Vera Skin Cream on your pet’s hot spots, flea bites, cracked paws, and dandruff.

Hawaiian Moon Aloe Products are Made in the USA

Yes, we ship and manufacture all of our products from our manufacturing facility here in the USA! Every. Single. Product. When you purchase a Hawaiian Moon Aloe product, you are not only supporting a family owned and operated business, you are also supporting the USA. We appreciate this and are grateful for your patronage!

 The Miracle of Aloe Vera

Barbadensis Miller aloe contains over 75 nutrients and a stunning 200 active compounds. These active compounds include 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids. It is the synergy of these nutrients working together that creates such miracles. Even many Psoriasis sufferers who have “tried it all” have shown great improvements with Hawaiian Moon Aloe cream. Order today and discover the secret of beautiful, healthy skin with the confidence of our 100% money back guarantee.

Customers that have used Hawaiian Moon Aloe have reported dramatic improvements in dry skin, abrasions, acne, allergic, rash, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bed sores, bee stings, blisters boils, bruises, burns, bursitis, candida, canker sores, chapped lips, chapped skin, chemical burns, chemical peel, cold sores, cradle cap, cuts, dermabrasion, diaper rash, eczema, edema, fever blisters, flea bites, follicularis, fungus, hives, impetigo, inflamed joints, insect bites, itching skin, jock itch, keratosis, lupus, poison ivy, poor circulation, psoriasis, radiation burns, ringworm, rosacea, sebaceous cyst, scabies, seborrhea, shingles, sore muscles, stretch marks, styes, sunburn, varicose veins, very dry skin, warts, wind burn, x-ray burns, and much much more !!

Experience the miracle of aloe now!