How long will it take for me to get my order that I placed online?

We always ship the next day, except for Sundays, that your order is placed.  For US shipping, we use the USPS Postal Service’s Priority Mail service, which takes 2 to 3 days for delivery.  For shipping to Canada, we also use USPS Priority Mail shipping service, but it takes from a few days up to 9 business days for delivery.

Is there a shipping charge to order from your website?

Yes, we have a $6 flat rate shipping charge on all orders that ship anywhere in the United States.  We are currently also shipping to Canada as well.  However, international shipping charges vary greatly.  The current shipping charge to Canada is $25 USD flat rate charge.  We can also ship internationally to other countries, but we handle those on a case by case basis and the order would need to be placed over the phone.

Is there any place where I can purchase the Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream in <insert your city here>?

Unfortunately, we do not have any retail locations anywhere. We do the bulk of our business by participating in trade shows across the US and Canada most weekends.

Can you ship Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream to <insert non-US country here>?

Outside of the US, we currently ship to Canada.  We can also ship to other countries however, since international shipping rates can vary so much, we evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.  The shipping costs will need to be absorbed by the customer and, in many cases, since the shipping costs can be extremely high those costs greatly offset the value of the product negatively.  Additionally, when shipping to other countries, the customer will also need to factor in taxes, duties, etc that their local country will charge them.

Do you have a bigger size of Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream for sale than what’s listed on the website?

We do have a larger size available in what’s called our Gallon Package.  However, we do not advertise or sell it online because it is only offered to previous customers that have tried and love our product  There are also other restrictions involved.  This package would need to be ordered over the phone.

I don’t see a “lock” picture on your website.  Is your website secure?

This is one of the best questions to ask.  Please, please, please, DO NOT rely on seeing a “lock” graphic on a website to determine whether or not your personal information is secure or not.  Anyone can scour the internet for a lock graphic and paste it on their website, but this means nothing.  What you always need to make sure to look for on a website that is taking your personal information is that the website address begins with “https://” – note the emphasis on the “s”.  The “s” stands for secured, which means that anything on the page is encrypted.  Each web browser has their own way of letting you know that the web page you are on is secure/encrypted.  Some show a lock icon in the browser status bar (usually on the bottom of the browser), others will show some type of lock icon in the address bar (where you type in a website address), and some others will even use colors in the address bar.  There is so much more information regarding web page security – please take the time to inform yourself about it.

So finally to answer your question, yes, anywhere on our website that you put in personal information is secured.  That includes  checkout plus all the pages under my account, and other pages where personal information is displayed or input.  Check for yourself!

Can I try out a sample before I buy?

The only way to try before you buy is to visit us at one of our booths at a local trade show we may be at.  One of our reps will be happy to demo the product for you.  As a side note, we do back our Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream with a 100% money back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

Product/Storage Information

Does the Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream have an expiration?

The Hawaiian Moon Aloe Cream has an 18 month shelf life.

What’s the best way to store the Hawaiian Moon Aloe cream?

As mentioned previously, the product has an 18 month shelf life.  This is under room temperature conditions so no special storage is required.  Some customers store the aloe cream in their refrigerator with no ill effects.  That isn’t required, but you may certainly store it there if you want.

How much SPF does Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream have in it?

Some mistake the fact that because our cream primarily contains aloe that it also contains SPF.  In fact, it does not.  However, aloe is great at treating sun burns and Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream is no different.  If you’re planning on being exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, please make sure to apply sun screen.  As a matter of fact, you can apply our cream onto your skin before you apply sun screen!

Does the Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream have x or y in it?

We actually have an ingredient page just for this question!  Please visit our ingredient page to get detailed information on all of the ingredients in our cream.  Looking for the ingredient list of our facial products? Find them here:

These have their ingredients at the bottom of the product description:
Eye cream: https://www.aloecream.biz/product/hawaiian-moon-eye-cream/
Facial youth cream: https://www.aloecream.biz/product/hawaiian-moon-facial-youth-cream/
Facial youth serum: https://www.aloecream.biz/product/hawaiian-moon-facial-youth-serum/
Facial cleanser: https://www.aloecream.biz/product/hawaiian-moon-facial-cleanser/
Facial toner: https://www.aloecream.biz/product/hawaiian-moon-facial-toner/

Please note that our products DO NOT contain parabens, mineral oil or mineral oil derivatives.

Product Application

Can I apply the Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream more than twice a day?

We recommend applying the cream at least twice daily (in the morning and in the evening) for best results.  However, there is nothing wrong with applying it more than twice.  Your skin will love you for it!

Can I use Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream on my face or just my hands?

Hawaiian Moon Aloe can actually be used everywhere.  We’ve even had some customers tell us how great it works on their scalp!  Please just make sure that you do not get the cream in your mouth or eyes.

Can I use Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream on my infant?

Well, we’ve had many customers, and even our employees, use the cream on their babies without any ill effects.  However, each person has different sensitivity levels when it comes to their skin.   Even though our cream contains many organic ingredients and is 98.5% natural, like any product, it is always advisable to first try the product in a small area to make sure that there aren’t any adverse affects.  If all looks good, then you can try more.  Please take care to keep the product out of your infants eyes and mouth.

Is Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream safe to use while pregnant?

Many of our customers, and even our employees, have used the aloe cream during pregnancy without issue.  We are proud that we can provide an aloe cream that is over 98% natural and that contains so many organic ingredients.  So please, feel free to use the cream during pregancy.  However, please keep the cream out of your eyes and mouth.

Other Questions

They ran out of product at the show I purchased from and was told it would get shipped.  How long will that take?

Your purchase will get processed at our administrative office a day or two after the show ends.  It will then get sent out for delivery a day or two after that.  Overall, the delivery is between 7 and 10 days, depending on when you actually purchased at the show.

Is there a place where I can see the upcoming shows you’ll be at?

We try to make sure to keep our Facebook page updated with the shows we’ll be at weekly.  Please visit us there, and like us while you’re at it!

How can I become a distributor of your Hawaiian Moon Aloe Vera Cream?

We’re sorry, we currently do not offer wholesale/distributor contracts of our product.  If interested, you can provide us with your contact information and we can let you know if/when we decide to.

How do I return my purchase?

Please visit our returns web page for the process.

Do you pay for shipping if I return my product?

We refund only 100% of the purchase price, as shown on your proof of purchase.  This does not include shipping costs to return the product.

Why are gallon purchases non-refundable?

We like to provide value to all of our return customers and our gallon package is one way we’ve done that.  Due to the higher costs to both our return customers and us, for on-demand manufacturing of the gallons, we cannot extend our money back guarantee on it.  This has been our policy since we’ve been in business.

I sent my purchase back for a refund – how long will it take to get my money back?

First, thanks for trying our product and we’re sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.  Refunds usually take two to three weeks from the time that you send in your product.  Things will always go faster when you include all of the necessary items in your return.